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Brite Review & Best Brite Casinos

It’s always hard to predict future developments in technology, especially in the fintech niche. However, with the rise of various payment gateways, it’s clear how that future will look like. With a rising need for both swiftness and security, casino banking methods such as Brite will definitely make that future, well, brite.

Founded in Stockholm by a group of grizzled industry veterans, this brand-new payment platform seeks to solve many of the problems casino aficionados face on a daily basis. While they haven’t been around for long, Sweden is quite possibly the best place in the world to live in if you have entrepreneurial aspirations. In just over a year, Brite became the talk of the town, as more and more online casinos started offering deposits and withdrawals with this unique payment gateway.

And if you know us at Casino Banking Methods, you’re aware that we couldn’t resist doing a bit of research. What we saw intrigued us, so we felt like the only way to go was to review Brite from top to bottom. Our team members used Brite as their primary banking method at Finnish and Swedish online casinos. What you see below is a comprehensive summary of what we have experienced! In addition to the technicalities, we also highlighted the best Brite casinos and the top bonuses they offer. That’s all you need for an awesome casino gaming session. Ready?

Top Casinos That Accept Brite Deposits

Having the opportunity to make deposits at online casinos quickly and safely is a big blessing. That same blessing can become worthless in the blink of an eye if you choose a bad site to play at. As important banking methods are, they are but a fraction of the whole experience. With that goal in mind, we tested some of the best Brite kasinot out there. While there aren’t that many, the following list contains a few sites that we liked, with LeoVegas leading the way. All of them are legal and secure. Pick your poison and let the games begin!

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money-bag 100% up to €100
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  • Impeccable reputation
  • 200+ live dealer tables
  • Seven gaming licences



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money-bag 100% up to €500
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  • Impressive new casino
  • Real money cashback
  • Weekend withdrawals

Company Background

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Brite is one of the newest casino banking methods in the market. They were founded in 2019 by a group of developers, but not just any developers. At first glance, it might seem amazing that such a young company has been having this amazing of a start to its existence. What’s their secret?

Well, Brite as a brand name is probably the only new thing about this payment method. Behind this project is a group of individuals that honed their craft at some of Europe’s greatest first-gen fintech companies. Brite’s employees have all previously held high positions at Trustly, Sofort, Qliro, and Klarna. What all these brands have in common is the high regard in which they are held by their users.

Since all of these platforms are used for casino deposits as well, it makes sense that the Brite team created something that you can use to play your favorite games. It’s a match made in heaven. Immediately upon touching the ground, Brite obtained a license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). This is the country’s foremost regulatory body and is widely known for its strict rules and standards.

With such a significant seal of approval, Brite was free to spread its tentacles into the iGaming industry. Casino operators were delighted by how easy it is to handle Brite, regardless if it’s B2C or B2B service provision. While this company is far from being ubiquitous at online casinos, it’s slowly getting there.

Target Markets

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Brite focuses mainly on the Scandinavian market. They can be found at online casinos in their native Sweden mostly, but you’ll also run into this payment method in Norway and Finland. Oddly enough, Finnish users appear to be enjoying Brite more than their neighbours, meaning that Brite kasinot is slowly becoming a very popular search term.

When it comes to potential opportunities for expansion, the company hasn’t really expressed any intentions to do so. This is mainly because Brite connects to your bank account. Since they currently work with only a few banks in the Nordic area, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll prioritize moving into other markets.

Don’t have a bank account with a bank that supports Brite? There’s no need to open up a new one – just check some of the other banking methods we’ve reviewed. You’ll find loads that can be used at Scandinavian casinos. As for supported currencies, you can use Brite with EUR, NOK, and SEK.

How to Set Up a Brite Account: Step by Step Guide

Is it hard to create a Brite account? Certainly not, but there’s a catch. Don’t worry, the list of things you have to do in order to start playing at online casinos is pretty short. It goes like this.

  1. You don’t need an account

    You didn’t expect that, did you? Yup, you don’t need to register, provide your personal information, or do just about anything. While this seems strange for a payment method, there’s a reason why Brite takes this approach.

    Unlike regular platforms, such as eWallets, Brite isn’t autonomous. It’s not a financial institution that holds your funds or provides other services. Brite is a payment gateway, a shield that protects your banking credentials when playing at online casinos. Every transaction is completed on your bank’s website.

  2. Check to see if your bank supports Brite payments

    This is perhaps the biggest issue with this payment method currently. While other payment gateways had years of time to enter partnerships with banks, Brite has only been around since 2019.

    As such, they only collaborate with a few banks, the most notable of which are OP, Nordea, Danske Bank, Säästöpankki, Aktia, POP, Oma Säästöpankki, and Ålandsbanken. If you’re unsure about whether you can use Brite or not, contact your bank’s customer support. They will be able to tell you exactly which services can be used in sync with your account.

  3. No need for identity confirmation

    Even though you don’t need to open any sort of account, Brite can still verify your identity. This removes the need for those pesky document requests from casinos. The moment you confirm the transaction on your bank’s website, it will automatically send a message to the casino, stating that you are, in fact, a legitimate individual. Using Brite lets you stay secure but without the usual hassles a security-first mindset

Available Currencies

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Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

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If you somehow thought that it’s hard to make Brite casino deposits – think again. Simplicity is evidently this company’s calling card, and they’re betting hard on it. It’s evident everywhere, especially during the deposit process. Here’s what you need to do to fund your casino account:

  1. Go to the casino’s website and log in.
  2. Find the Deposit section. If you can’t locate it, some sites also call it Cashier or Banking. In most cases, it’s highlighted and easily findable, so you won’t have any trouble completing this process.
  3. Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Pick Brite from the list of available payment methods.
  5. Once you click on the Brite logo, you will be redirected to your bank’s secure website.
  6. Log in with your banking credentials and confirm the transaction. That’s it.

No gimmicks, no identity checks – just a secure and straightforward way to start playing. But what happens if you win? Is it difficult to make casino withdrawals with Brite? Not at all. Just do the following:

  1. Go to the Banking/Withdrawal/Cashier section.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account.
  3. Click on the Brite logo – you’ll always find it right near the top of payment method lists at casinos.
  4. Wait to be redirected to your bank’s website.
  5. Once you are, log in with your eBanking credentials, okay the transfer. And voila! You can now spend your winnings.

Detailed Overview of Transaction Fees

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Using Brite is completely free. You won’t have to pay any annoying processing fees, nor will you have to calculate how much of your winnings you’re actually keeping. We were dubious about this, so we dug deep into Brite’s website and social media profiles, just to see if there’s a writing in small letters related to fees. It turns out, Brite’s free-to-use approach is not a mirage!

It has to be noted though that your banks could impose certain fees when handling casino deposits and withdrawals through Brite. Therefore, it might be wise to check with your bank the exact amount of the charges before you start playing at online casinos. Or you can start depositing and withdrawing smaller amounts to determine whether you are comfortable with the bank fees.

What are the Timeframes for Brite Payments at Online Casinos?

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Brite claims to be able to provide instant transfers to and from your bank account. Again, we were skeptical due to the boldness of the claim, so we tested things throughout our month-long review period. If you’re depositing at Brite casinos, you only need to refresh the page and the money will appear in your account.

As for withdrawals, we didn’t really believe the whole instant thing the first time we withdrew our winnings. However, a notification appeared just five minutes after we clicked confirm. For those of you that prioritize instant withdrawals, Brite just might be the option for you. It’s such a shame that more casinos aren’t capitalizing on such an opportunity to attract new players.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Limits icon

Technically speaking, Brite is unable to limit any transfers to or from your bank account. Remember – they’re merely a payment gateway. It’s the bank that determines the limits on all deposits and withdrawals.

But what about Brite casinos? Well, whilst doing our research, we came to the conclusion that the average minimum deposit is €10. As for the maximum one, the number varies greatly, depending on whether the casino is frequented by high-rollers or not. Don’t expect anything outlandish when it comes to withdrawals, either. €5,000-10,000 is a ballpark that you should aim for, as there aren’t really that many big-money casinos in the Nordics.

Best Brite Casino Bonus

Whenever people start using a new payment method, casino operators see this as an opportunity to attract even more players. Brite took off quickly, but not too many casinos were willing to offer bonuses for this particular payment method. Eventually, several prominent sites ‘sobered up’ and they started including Brite in their promotions and bonuses. There aren’t many available, but these ones are the best contenders for the title of best Brite casino bonus. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

100% up to €100 + 50 Free Spins
Get Bonus


Not needed




No maximum


100% up to €500 + 50 Free Spins
Get Bonus


Free Spins

Not needed




No maximum



Banking security icon

As a payment intermediary, Brite doesn’t have a whole lot to do with ensuring safe transfers. This is because all transactions occur on the bank’s platform. You use your eBanking details and confirm the deposit/withdrawal and that’s about it. Brite only serves as a shield, a means to prevent casinos from getting your bank account number and other personal info.

But Brite also does a lot to make casino deposits a much safer activity. With the use of HTTPS, they ensure that nobody will ever see what you’re doing on their website. Moreover, this payment method is also regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the same body that oversees the work of all banks and financial institutions in the country. They’re held to the same standards as multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Now that’s what we call secure.

Customer Support

Working Hours

Mon-Fri: 00:00-24:00

Weekend: 00:00-24:00





Frankly, Brite has some of the nicest customer support agents we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only are they in command of a vast array of knowledge, but they’re also never lazy or unwilling to help you. Even when one of our team members confirmed that they understood the explanation, the agent went into even more detail and provided some interesting resources. That’s basically everything you want to see in a customer support team.

The only thing that could use a little bit of improvement are the response times. Even though Brite vows to respond in one workday, this is too long if you need to ask a simple question. We believe adding a live chat client or hiring more agents would solve this issue. All in all, a decent experience.

Player Experiences

Brite reviews are few and far between, especially ones posted by real players. We were able to track some impressions down, at various Swedish and Finnish sites and forums.

Overall, players are ecstatic due to the ability to withdraw money, as most payment gateways don’t offer this feature. It seems that Brite is an example of how supreme service should be enough of a lofty goal to trump any and all technological obstacles.

There were a few negative reviews related to withheld funds, but this is just bogus. Brite doesn’t hold any money, so this is a problem of the casino’s doing.

Extra Features

It’s a shame Brite still doesn’t offer any extra features. We know we always say that gimmicks aren’t really a priority, but we can’t help but wonder what this company can do with a little bit more experience.

As of 2021, the only extra feature they offer is the KYC-powered identification solution. You don’t need to provide any documents because your bank confirms that you’re a real person, and forwards that confirmation to the casino, through Brite. Easy-peasy.

Mobile Capability

android ios

Even though there’s no app, you don’t really need it. Since Brite is only an intermediary, you don’t actually visit their website or use their services other than clicking on the logo in the Cashier section.

Still, the website looks smashing even on some older mobile devices. The UI is fresh and there’s no clutter to keep you from getting the info you came to find. It’s evident that Brite has some heavy-hitters in their development team!

Interesting Facts

  • Brite is one of Sweden’s youngest fintech startups, having been founded in mid-2019.
  • The team behind bright also worked for other significant payment providers, such as Sofort, Trustly, Qliro, and Klarna.
  • Brite is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA).
  • With Brite, you’ll never have to scan documents and send them to casinos. The platform automatically registers that your bank account belongs to a real person, and passes the message onto the casino.
  • You don’t need an account to use Brite - just log in with your eBanking credentials and you can complete any transaction fairly quickly.
  • Brite supports the following currencies: EUR, NOK, and SEK.


Generally, yes. If you want to take precautionary measures, make sure you play at one of the Brite casinos we mentioned above!

No, account creation is not required.

Yes, Brite retains its shield-like function, and make sure your money arrives in your bank account accordingly.

You don’t! Brite offers instant withdrawals, with the worst-case scenario being a 5-minute delay.

Not at all. Just remember your banking credentials and you’re good to go.

No. Brite is completely free, which means not processing fees!

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