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CASHlib Review & Best CASHlib Casinos

Last updated: 15 June 2021

There is nothing wrong with making use of established casino-friendly banking methods, but here at CBM we are constantly listening to the whispers of the industry and looking for growing solutions and alternative payment systems that could completely turn someone’s online gambling life around. CASHlib is one of the payment methods that was recently brought to our attention, rightfully so. As a method that has so many upsides and barely any disadvantages, it fits perfectly in the profile of a convenient online casino banking method that provides quick deposits and secure transactions. Such options are our bread and butter.

We’ve discovered that making online casino deposits with CASHlib is extremely simple and we believe many online casino fans will find the perfect choice for them in this particular option. In our review, we present the best casinos that accept CASHlib, as well as CASHlib fees overview and other relevant info on the topic.

Top Casinos That Accept CASHlib Deposits

Before we get to all the nooks and crannies of CASHlib and how the method works in an online gambling environment, here’s a list of the top casinos that accept CASHlib as a deposit option. This way you have your suggestions ready once you finish up reading the article and you can go join one of the best CASHlib casinos for the most enjoyable real money casino experience on the web.

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18 + | New Customers Only |

T&C Apply
money-bag 50 Free Spins No Wagering
  • No wagering requirements
  • High limits
  • Excellent live casino

Masked Singer


18 + | New Customers Only |

T&C Apply
money-bag 125 Free Spins
  • Lightning-fast payouts
  • The Masked Singer branding
  • Top-notch live casino



18 + | New Customers Only |

T&C Apply
money-bag 50 Free Spins No Wagering
  • Tailored for Spain
  • Impressive selection of games
  • PayPal deposits & withdrawals

Zebra Wins


18 + | New Customers Only |

T&C Apply
money-bag 100 Free Spins
  • New SkillOnNet casino
  • Excellent live casino
  • Over 3,000 games

Company Background

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CASHlib is provided by EMP Services S.A. It is a public company established under Luxembourg law. The firm runs as an e-money agent of CFS-ZIPP Limited, a limited company incorporated in England and Wales. The company behind CASHlib describes itself as the “European expert on online payment solutions”, as it has been offering payment products and services in Europe since 2009. They also state that they combine “deep financial expertise and cutting edge technologies to deliver a complete set of global payment methods together, secured by a powerful fraud prevention system.”

Since the CASHlib project rolled out, it has become one of the most popular e-voucher solutions in many European countries. It is available in over 150,000 points of sale across Europe and can be used to pay on more than a thousand different websites. The solution enables consumers to make payments through the use of individually encoded CASHlib voucher codes. The voucher can be purchased at a physical POS or online. Many casinos became “participating merchants” in the CASHlib network, which means they have integrated the CASHlib payment scheme into their payment processing system.

Target Markets

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Some might say that CASHlib has a narrow area of service and we can confirm that it is not as widespread as some other payment options. Nevertheless, CASHlib is available in various countries of the EU. Depending on where you are located, you may be able to purchase the vouchers at specific points of sale, including convenience stores and supermarket chains, pharmacies, as well as gas service stations. To find the closest retail outlet, the official website allows you to enter your town/city or postcode and the locations will be marked on the map. Physical sell points can be found in countries like France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

CASHlib is one of the most widely used prepaid vouchers in French-speaking online casinos. If you choose to buy it online, the availability is somewhat increased to 20+ selected countries, including Canada, Greece, Austria, Turkey and Spain.

How to Set Up a CASHlib Account: Step by Step Guide

If you are already familiar with how prepaid cards work, you can already assume that CASHlib does not require a separate account online. You would be right. The concept is much simpler – you just obtain your voucher and then redeem it at your place of choice, presumably a trusted online casino. Let’s get into the procedure, which is very simple.

  1. Find an outlet or choose an online retailer

    To redeem the value of the voucher, you must purchase it first either online via websites of partner processors such as beCHARGE or Dundle (you will find associated websites/retailers on the official CASHlib website) or at any of the 150,000 retail outlets across Europe. If you do not know the exact location of a POS for CASHlib, feel free to use the “Where to Buy” tool on the site, which allows you to enter your city/postal code and select your country only to show you the closest outlets, whether these are petrol stations, kiosks or supermarkets.

  2. Pick the voucher denomination and pay

    Choose the total amount and pay for your voucher. If you are making the purchase in a physical outlet, you can pay in cash, leaving no trace that might lead someone to your identity or banking details. You will receive a slip/receipt containing the unique 16-digit PIN code of your voucher.
    After making the purchase online (and paying with an e-wallet or through several other options), you will receive the code via email. CASHlib coupons come in multiple denominations, ranging from €5 to €250.

  3. Make deposits at the participating CASHlib casinos

    Once you have your voucher code, you can go and join any of the high-profile CASHlib online casinos and make a deposit using nothing but the code you have been given. Funds stored on a voucher do not have to be spent all at once. You may use one coupon to deposit multiple times, as long as you have enough funds to carry out the transaction.

  4. Check your prepaid voucher balance in real time

    Even without a registered account or anything of the sort, CASHlib allows you to control your funds by checking the balance you have on your voucher(s). Just go to and scroll down to the “Check My Voucher” section. Complete the fields with the voucher serial number, date, code and email. Now you know your remaining balance. Voucher values are displayed in EUR and GBP currency.

Available Currencies

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British pound icon


Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

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CASHlib casino deposits are executed in a straightforward way and take less than a minute. To be able to make a deposit with a CASHlib prepaid ticket, you need to register with a casino that supports this way of depositing. Next, you must visit the cashier section and choose the category of prepaid vouchers, then CASHlib. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and the PIN code of your voucher. Submit the payment and your casino account balance will be updated right away, while the funds corresponding to the transfer value will be deducted from the voucher.

Sadly, to reverse the process – make a withdrawal – you will need to resort to another payment method. CASHlib withdrawals are not supported. The casino will most likely offer you a form of bank transfer instead.

Detailed Overview of Transaction Fees

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Most of the casinos which accept CASHlib deposits don’t charge additional fees for the use of this particular method. That being said, customers should be aware that the service incurs an administration fee upon the purchase of the vouchers of a specific value. For instance, if you opt for a CASHlib voucher worth €10, you will need to add a €1 in administrative fees to its price. Fees only slightly increase (up to €3) when purchasing more expensive vouchers, meaning CASHlib is more suited to high rollers than casual gamers.

CASHlib will apply a monthly charge of €2.50 to the value of your voucher after the “Use By Date” expires, which will be directly deducted from the balance of your CASHlib voucher. This will be calculated on a daily basis.

Timeframes for CASHlib Payments at Online Casinos

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There are no reasons for the transactions made from a prepaid voucher to be delayed. As soon as you provide the proper information at the cashier’s, the money will be processed and transferred. Since you have already paid the balance of the voucher, all CASHlib transfers are credited immediately to the casino account.

The speed of CASHlib transactions is one of the reasons why people like to use CASHlib cards for making deposits when placing bets at online casinos. However, purchasing a voucher at a physical outlet may take away some of your time, which shouldn’t be too much since you will always go to the nearest location.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Limits icon

The sums you can transfer are initially limited by the denominations reserved for the vouchers you yourself select and purchase before you even land on the casino page. You may spend a maximum of 10 vouchers per transaction. In terms of value, you are allowed to make a transaction worth up to £1300/€1500 with CASHlib, even if the casino allows higher deposits. Each casino will inform you of the deposit/withdrawal limits on the banking page.

Normally, a minimum of €10 and a maximum of €1,000 per deposit are expected. Since you can’t withdraw your casino winnings via CASHlib, you will need to check for the limits that apply to the alternative option you choose to cash out with. Spain oriented PlayUZU is one of the reputable casinos that accept CASHlib deposits, supporting payments between €10 and €250 per transaction. Meanwhile, PlayOJO customers from the Netherlands, Spain and Luxembourg can use CASHlib as well.

Best CASHlib Casino Bonus

Knowing that some banking methods turn out to be repellents for online casino bonuses, CBM has also investigated whether CASHlib depositors are susceptible to bonus offers. It is a rare occurrence that a casino sets up an exclusive bonus deal for players using this method, but if you go through the terms and conditions of the online casino you are playing at, you won’t find that CASHlib users are excluded from any bonuses either. This means that there are loads of rewarding bonuses to look forward to, but for now we’ve singled out the best ongoing bonuses you can claim at CASHlib online casinos.

50 Free Spins No Wagering
Get Bonus

Free Spins

No Wagering

Welcome Package




No maximum


125 Free Spins
Get Bonus
Masked Singer


Free Spins

Not needed

60x (Free Spins winnings)





100 Free Spins
Get Bonus
Zebra Wins

Free Spins

Not needed




No maximum


50 Free Spins No Wagering
Get Bonus

Not needed




No maximum



Banking security icon

The company wants users to feel confident and secure when spending online with their vouchers. For that reason, each voucher is equipped with a unique 16 digits PIN code. A part of the responsibility lies on the users themselves, as they are required not to disclose the code to anyone. If you are the only one to know the PIN to your voucher, you are the only one that has access t the funds on its balance.

In a way, CASHlib is the online equivalent of making cash transactions. You don’t need to give your personal details to anyone and you don’t need to introduce your banking details. The use of the code minimises the risk of fraud or unauthorised use, making CASHlib an extremely secure method of paying for online casino gaming online.

Customer Support

Working Hours







In terms of customer support, there are ways to contact CASHlib service representatives, but considering the low-risk nature of the method, it is understandable that the company doesn’t offer a full-fledged contact centre with support agents ready to attend customers 24/7.

They have estimated that an online form will do, with the absence of phone support and live chat. Users can also write emails to [email protected] if they believe that is a quicker way to reach an agent, although they promise to respond without delay to any issues submitted via the online form as well.

Player Experiences

Not much feedback is available online regarding the CASHlib service. We can only assume that the users are satisfied with it, since we were digging for some time and haven’t been able to find any complaints or rotten experiences with it. We can hardly imagine something like that happening, honestly. CASHlib is a foolproof method of making online gambling deposits if we ever saw one.

True, it is still a relatively young service that is currently on the rise and we are not saying that nothing can ever go wrong, but everything runs smoothly for the time being and the option remains one of the most reliable you can find at casino sites’ banking pages.

Extra Features

CASHlib itself is a singleton project and, at the time being, has no additional perks or extra features to make use of, at least from an online casino player’s point of view. The company behind it, EMP Corp, has several other projects in motion, such as E-Pro and MyWallet.

The “bankless” part of the financial market is bigger than some might think, and CASHlib vouchers are tailored to be a perfect fit for online casino players who don’t have a bank account or come across as privacy-minded. There is some flexibility to the service since the vouchers come in several different denominations. In addition, the website provides a store locator and a feature that allows customers to check the remaining balance on their purchased vouchers.

Mobile Capability

android ios

The simplicity of the CASHlib code makes the use of the service fully possible on mobile devices. Regardless of how you obtain your code, whether it is online by email or at a physical distributor, you can use it to make mobile casino payments just as you would deposit on your desktop.

Such a simple transaction doesn’t require any special mobile apps to download. The vouchers are not tied to a user account and there’s no need for an application. You can store the code in your mail and access it when at the casino cashier. No passwords, verifications and additional hassle.

Interesting Facts

  • The credit balance on a CASHlib voucher is valid for 6 months. The date you must use your CASHlib voucher code by is called the “Use by Date" and is shown on your voucher.
  • With CASHlib you can pay at a number of participating merchants, such as Nintendo eShop, Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Google Play and more.
  • You may obtain up to 5 CASHlib voucher codes of up to £200 each in the United Kingdom (€250 or the equivalent in another currency outside of the United Kingdom) on any one day, and may only hold up to £1,00 in the United Kingdom (€1250 or the equivalent in another currency outside of the United Kingdom) of CASHlib voucher codes at any time.
  • You can obtain a refund for the full value of the CASHlib voucher, at no cost, if you cancel the voucher within 15 days of acquiring it.
  • Comparable products are, for example, a Paysafecard, Neosurf or a Flexepin voucher.


CASHlib is only suitable for online casino deposits. Each voucher you obtain carries a unique code that contains the details of its value. By spending the full value of the balance, you will use your voucher without the possibility of adding more funds to it. That is why withdrawals will require a selection of an alternative banking solution.

Online casinos will normally not charge you any fees for depositing with a CASHlib voucher. If you let the voucher expire, the service itself will start deducting a portion of the remaining balance in the name of a monthly post-expiration fee.

CASHlib is based on security, discretion and flexibility. The model uses the highest standards of encryption to provide top-level security for the customers. The 16 digit PIN that comes with each prepaid card is unique to that particular item. The chances of anyone being able to duplicate or copy your PIN number without your knowledge are virtually nonexistent.

There are outlets for buying CASHlib prepaid vouchers across France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Online purchases are available from other European countries, as well.

Casino withdrawals with CASHlib are not possible. These are digitally generated vouchers you can only use to deposit. For cashing out, the casino will offer you alternative methods such as e-wallets or bank transfer.

The provider of CASHlib services, EMP Corp, has been operating under an e-money license from the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority since 2016.

You can’t withdraw money in the basic sense, but you may ask for a refund within 15 days of acquiring the voucher. You need to fill and submit the Consumer Refund Application Form available in the FAQs section at

The foreign exchange rates used when converting the currency of your CASHlib voucher using the CASHlib Tools facility will be available to you at the time you proceed with the conversion.

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