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Flexepin Review & Best Flexepin Casinos

Last updated: 12 April 2021

What is the deal with prepaid vouchers and are they any good at online casinos? This is the question CBM is looking to answer on this page, covering Flexepin, one of the several Paysafecard alternatives out there. Flexepin is accepted at a decent number of casinos online, mostly focusing on Canadian and Australian players. Casino Banking Methods will not give you an abridged version of a Flexepin payments review you can probably get somewhere else. Instead, we are presenting an in-depth assessment of its performances in relation to the best online casinos and the best online casino bonuses. Feel free to stick around!

Top Casinos That Accept Flexepin Deposits

Flexepin online casino deposits are becoming more and more popular among virtual gambling fans, especially those residing in Australia and Canada. Flexepin has emerged as an excellent alternative to Paysafecard, adopting a secure and convenient prepaid voucher format. If you are a user of the Flexepin prepaid service, take a look below to find out which are the best casinos to play at while depositing with this excellent method.

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18 + | New Customers Only |

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Company Background

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The Flexepin payment solution comes from the Novatti Group Pty Ltd, an Australian company with shares traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NOV). The company has a number of licensed/regulated subsidiaries operating the Flexepin service throughout Europe, the UK, Africa, Australia and Canada. INOVAPAY LatAm Payments runs the project in Brazil. Novatti has been in the business since the mid-90s. Flexepin, as a product, was developed later, sometime in 2015.

Flexepin is wholly owned and operated by FlexeWallet Pty Limited, which is a subsidiary of Novatti. The vouchers are issued under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). Flexepin mirrors the model of Paysafecard, offering users the possibility to pay for their online casino bets by depositing through an electronic voucher that can be bought at physical locations or online. There is a feature of the website that allows users to find stores that sell the Flexepin top-up vouchers that are nearest to their place of residence and also a section of available online providers across Europe, Canada, Africa and Australia.

Target Markets

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Canada and Australia are the main markets for Flexepin. For instance, in Australia, retail locations for the virtual cash vouchers are located throughout the country, from Brisbane, Queensland, to Perth, Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney. As mentioned, Flexepin provides an online store locator, so that customers can find the nearest retail point to buy their vouchers.  Tens of thousands of shops, post offices and petrol stations are authorised to sell Flexepin.

Flexepin cash vouchers are also sold in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Spain, but in a significantly lower intensity and with an underdeveloped network of distributors. Should you consider buying a Flexepin prepaid voucher online, you can do it by visiting OffGamers, SEAGM, SCDKEY (worldwide supported), Korsit BV(Europe), topmeup.ca (Canada) or directpay.online (Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda).

How to Set Up a Flexepin Account: Step by Step Guide

Flexepin does not require any registration unless you want to obtain it through the online platform. To be able to use it as a top-up method for your online casino balance, you can simply purchase the voucher at a physical location near you and pay with cash. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Find a retail location

    Before you can use a Flexepin voucher for uploading funds to your online gambling account, you need to find a location that sells them near you. It can be a petrol station, newspaper kiosk or a supermarket. Use the store locator at Flexepin.com.

  2. Exchange cash for a voucher

    Once at your nearest Flexeping point of sale, you can pay for the selected voucher in cash. The vouchers come in different denominations. If bought in Australia, they will be valued AU$20, AU$50, AU$100, AU$150, AU$250, AU$300 or AU$500. The same denominations apply to other supported currencies. Keep in mind that 10 vouchers valued at C$500 is the maximum you can buy and hold at any one time.

  3. Check the PIN on your voucher

    Each Flexepin prepaid coupon comes with a unique 16- or 19-digit code on it. If bought in-store, you will receive a receipt slip and the code will be printed on it. The PIN code is very important when it comes to using the funds on your voucher. Without it, you won’t be able to deposit.

  4. Alternatively, buy the voucher online

    Players can buy vouchers online in order to deposit at online casinos accepting Flexepin payments. You can buy online from several approved Flexepin reseller websites, such as OffGamers or SEAGM, for example. Vouchers can also be purchased at Flexepin’s e-commerce website Flexevoucher.com. For this, you need to register on Flexepin’s platform and provide personal info (name, address, date of birth, email, phone number) and upload passport/national ID, proof of address, utility bill not older than 3 months and a bank statement.

    When bought online, depending on the site you are buying from, you may use MasterCard, Visa, China Unionpay, Maestro, AMEX, PayPal, JCB, CashU, WeChat Pay, Bitcoin, Interac e-Transfer, Airtel Money, MTN Money, Tigo Cash or M-Pesa or PayPal to complete the purchase.

Available Currencies

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Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

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With your Flexepin slip ready, you can finalise an online casino deposit in record time.

  1. Go to the cashier page of your chosen casino (it must support Flexepin payments) and look for available prepaid options.
  2. Click on Flexepin and a pop-up window should appear. You will be asked to enter the voucher’s PIN code and confirm the transfer.
  3. The funds from the voucher that you have already paid for, in cash or online, will be immediately uploaded to your casino account balance.

Unfortunately, as a prepaid payment service, Flexepin cannot be used to withdraw money from online casinos. The solution simply cannot process withdrawals. However, you will always be able to find a plethora of great alternative cash-out methods on the casino’s cashier page. Pick one of the trusted ones to collect your winnings and you should be good.

Detailed Overview of Transaction Fees

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Online casinos do not typically charge customers for using Flexepin to deposit. Beyond that, there could be some minor fees involved, depending on where the vouchers are purchased. For instance, Flexepin vouchers sold in Canada have a convenience fee in addition to the value of the voucher.

In this case, the fees are the following, presented in the format “value + retail convenience fee”:

  • C$20 + C$1.95 fee
  • C$50 + C$3.95 fee
  • C$100 + C$4.95 fee
  • C$150 + C$5.95 fee
  • C$250 + C$7.95 fee
  • C$300 + C$11.95 fee
  • C$500 + C$15.95 fee

You should also consider a small maintenance fee deducted per month if your Flexepin voucher has not been used within its due date, and a one-time fee that is applied for requesting a refund.

Timeframes for Flexepin Payments at Online Casinos

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Concerned about waiting times? The Flexepin prepaid payment solution gives you the benefit of instantaneous deposits. As soon as you enter the PIN code and confirm the transaction, the money will become available in your casino balance. This means you can immediately start wagering, not spending one idle moment in the lobby.

Such a speedy and simple process is what contributes to Flexepin attracting more clients among online casino players. You may have to spend a few minutes purchasing your vouchers, but every other deposit method would also take that much of your time, if not more.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

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The limits you need to adhere to when depositing at any online casino are designated by the casino operator. The minimum voucher value you can purchase is AU$20 (or C$20, if you are buying in that currency, for instance). Luckily, online casinos usually require minimum deposits in that range, as well.

If you care to go higher, you are free to choose your voucher denomination, but always remember that it’s only allowed to hold AU$5,000 in Flexepin vouchers, no more. The casino can also limit you to depositing a specific amount per day or week. Read about these limitations in the Terms & Conditions section at the casino website.

Best Flexepin Casino Bonus

Depositing online with Flexepin will not only give you access to premium online casino games. It will also open the door towards claiming generous bonuses and promotions. Flexepin online casinos are packed with cool bonus offers that can make your gaming session worth twice as much. The welcome bonuses are the best ones to keep track of, but there is also a choice of great reload bonuses, free spins and tournaments to look forward to. We leave you with our choice of the top online casino bonuses redeemable with Flexepin.

100% up to €300 + 30 Free Spins
Get Bonus


Free Spins

Not needed

35x B



No maximum


100% up to £100
Get Bonus
All British


Not needed

35x B



No Maximum


100% up to €300
Get Bonus


Not needed

50x B



No maximum


100% up to €300
Get Bonus


Not needed

28x (D+B)



No maximum



Banking security icon

The Flexepin voucher is a secure payment method for casino customers since it involves absolutely no sharing of sensitive personal or financial information. For this reason, users do not have to worry about getting scammed online or having their details stolen by hackers. As long as you keep the voucher PIN safe and remain the only person that knows of it, your funds are completely safe.

The Flexepin website even hosts a page “Stay Aware” on which it shares the latest information on unauthorised sites and merchants and scam emails. On the page “Stay Safe”, Flexepin presents 5 Golden Security Rules to help you protect your voucher.

Customer Support

Working Hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00 AEST

Weekend: Closed





The level of support for Flexepin customers is rather high. The website itself is very informative and it comes with a FAQ section. Users are free to submit a query regarding the use of their Flexepin voucher in the form provided on the site and the Customer Support Centre will be in contact within the next 24 hours.

Furthermore, Flexepin users do not have to worry about their vouchers getting lost or stolen. If such a thing happens, the customer can contact support and the voucher will get replaced, with the lost/compromised one getting deactivated. The only email address the customer support team uses is [email protected] Hours of operation for Australian users are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM AEST.

Our experience with Flexepin support

We reached out to Flexepin via email and got a response that had nothing to do with our question. They told us to contact their sales team and provided a link for merchants, which we never asked for. We tried the online form too, but it ended up the same way. When we explained we weren’t interested in becoming merchants and again asked what we needed, the system remained silent.

They have Live Chat, offering a few categories. If your question is not among one of them, you can pick “My question is not on the list.” They will redirect you to an online form again, so the outcome was no reply and no solution to our problem. The hamster wheel experience.

Player Experiences

The prepaid Flexepin voucher is a relatively new way to manage funds, so there’s limited feedback at this time, certainly not enough to determine whether the customers are overly satisfied or dissatisfied with the product. The services have expanded into more regions, which is a decent indicator that business is going well and users are finding Flexepin convenient, at the least.

A Canadian satisfied customer shared his story on Reddit, praising how easy it was for him to purchase crypto using Flexepin. CBM finds Flexepin to be an excellent alternative for online casino players without easy access to banks and debit cards – often required for online transactions. Flexepin has been adapting to meet customer needs well so far.

Extra Features

Flexepin is a simple service, yet very effective. Its basic format is the virtual prepaid card/voucher that is intended for single use only. There are two ways to get your hands on a voucher – buy it at the nearest petrol station or supermarket (the store locator should be of great help), or get it online via multiple reseller websites.

The vouchers come in seven different denominations, which provides users with both flexibility and control over their spending. If you are not sure how much funds you have left on your voucher, go to Flexepin.com and click on Customer Support, then Check Balance. Enter your numeric code for a balance overview.

Mobile Capability

android ios

Mobile gaming and Flexepin aren’t precisely made for each other, but they can work together if necessary. Since Flexepin is a virtual voucher that you pay for with cash, you will rarely be in a situation where you would want your mobile phone to be included in the process.

Of course, if you buy your top-up vouchers online, you may use your mobile device to do so. In any case, Flexepin does not offer a dedicated app, although the website is mobile-responsive and easy to navigate within a mobile environment.

Interesting Facts

  • All Flexepin vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The processor will allow a 14-Day Cooling-Off Period, from the issue date, during which you can request a refund free of charge provided the Flexepin voucher is unused.
  • You can buy Bitcoin at over 4,000 stores around Australia using Flexepin. In Canada, BitAccess customers can purchase Bitcoin using a Flexepin voucher. Available in 6,000 Canadian retail locations, Flexepin can be bought using cash or a debit card (not a credit card, mind you!).
  • Flexepin has a rather lively Twitter account, packed with sports announcements and sport events highlights, racing announcements, cat pics, funny gifs and even memes. Check out @Flexepin and see for yourself. At the same time, you’ll stay up to date with all things Flexepin.
  • Flexepin asks customers to abide by 5 Golden Security Rules. One of them prohibits users to disclose the 16-digit PIN even when dealing with the Flexepin team. Instead, users can share the serial number with the representatives if need be.


You will not see Flexepin among available withdrawal methods at casinos online. This is a prepaid voucher system that only works one way. You can make casino deposits, but you cannot receive money, that is collect casino winnings.

In most cases, no fees are charged for using Flexepin as a payment method at online casinos. A small fee is charged from the voucher’s balance should the user fail to use the voucher by the designated date, and it is a monthly charge. Convenience fees are also charged in Canada for purchasing the voucher at retailers.

When paying with Flexepin, you don’t have to share any of your personal information. That already is a great safety measure. Each voucher has a unique numeric PIN to protect and authenticate the transfer. What is more, it is approved by relevant Australian institutions and accepted at trusted casinos.

At the moment, Flexepin can be bought and used in Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, the UK and Spain. Australia and Canada have the most elaborate and widespread networks of Flexepin issuing points, though.

It is not possible to carry out withdrawals with Flexepin prepaid vouchers, only deposits.

Flexepin is provided by FlexeWallet. They are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and Flexepin’s vouchers are issued under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

You can’t. You can request a refund of your Flexepin voucher balance. To recoup the full sum of your balance at no cost, contact support, but make sure to do it within 14 days of the purchase date.

The currency you use to purchase your Flexepin voucher will be the currency you will deposit with. So, if you wish to convert the funds into another currency, you will need to do it at the casino cashier and suffer the casino’s respective fees.

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