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Last updated: 16 June 2023

For a while, it was too easy to end up a victim of theft simply by sharing your card details with an untrusted site. To combat this nasty phenomenon, iDEAL was founded in 2005. The payment company has eventually become the leading provider of online payments in the whole of the Netherlands. People trust them for all their everyday payments, but we’re going to put them to the ultimate test. In this iDEAL review, you’ll get to know this platform in its true form. We’re going to explore its strengths and weaknesses, with a special focus on its usability at iDEAL online casinos. After just a few minutes of reading, you’ll know why you should or shouldn’t use the services of this Dutch brand, with all the best tips on how to enhance your gaming experience. As ubiquitous as iDEAL is, it becomes even better if you combine it with a great welcome bonus. So, before you start playing your favorite slots, blackjack, or poker games or enjoying sports betting, make sure to learn all about iDEAL as a casino banking method.

Top Casinos That Accept iDEAL Payments

To really make use of a payment method, you need the best environment to do so. To help you find that environment, we tested dozens of casinos with iDEAL. Below, you’ll find our iDEAL casino list, with all the necessary info on the gaming venues featured on it. They’re all great, so the choice will most likely come down to your personal taste.

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Company Background

Book icon

Ever since iDEAL became a big deal on the European fintech scene, they’ve been frequently compared to Interac. While the Canadian payment platform is much older, the same principles of operation can be seen in both brands. iDEAL, just like Interac, was founded by a consortium of banks.

Currence was also founded in 2005, by eight of the biggest Dutch banking institutions. The primary goal of iDEAL, their state-of-the-art eBanking solution, was to facilitate the growth of eCommerce in the Netherlands. Immediately upon the founding of the new brand, it was decided that no fees would be imposed upon the consumer.

Now, just like Interac, iDEAL is not an eWallet. Just because a financial platform has a website and specializes in online payments, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s an eWallet. It’s more of a mediator, as it makes things like online shopping and playing casino games much easier.

Today, iDEAL is by far the most popular payment system in the Netherlands. They have been integrated into every segment of Dutch society, with online casino players being arguably the biggest beneficiaries of such an easy-to-use platform. Since the original iDEAL platform took off, the company introduced several other services, such as payment requests, mobile apps, and much more. These moves have further solidified a high status in their home country.

iDEAL Updates

  • April 2023: EPI Company Announces Acquisition Plans for iDEAL and Payconiq.
  • November 2021: iDEAL reports its billionth transaction in a single year – 2021. Previously, the company celebrated its first billion payments in 2016, more than 10 years after the iDEAL was founded.
  • November 2021: The company sponsors Maarten van der Weijden Foundation dedicated to researching cancer. Maarten van der Weijden, a well-known Dutch marathon swimmer who survived cancer, raised more than 12 million euros with the help of iDEAL.
  • October 2021: The number of online transfers with iDEAL in the Dutch e-commerce market increases. The overall market share is, on average, 70%.
  • March 2021: iDEAL starts collaborating with Payconiq International for a brand new iDEAL 2.0 upgrade scheduled for the beginning of 2022.
  • February 2021: iDEAL wins in the Best Alternative Payment Method category at MPE Awards 2021 in Berlin.
  • December 2020: The payment service provider reveals a plan for iDEAL 2.0 featuring cutting-edge infrastructure and features.
  • December 2020: iDEAL announces CEO Piet Mallekoote retirement and appointment of a new CEO, Daniel van Delft, as of February 2021.

Target Markets

Target icon

iDEAL is focused solely on the Dutch market and has maintained this exclusivity ever since their foundation. Of course, looking at the situation in a vacuum, you could take this as a definite deal-breaker. However, we’re far from disregarding the evident quality of this payment method. Why, exactly?

Well, iDEAL’s situation is similar to that of Interac. The company is basically run by a consortium of several financial institutions, mainly banks. The idea behind iDEAL is to make online shopping easier, as well as to promote the growth of the domestic eCommerce industry.

As such, they are not an eWallet, contrary to what many may think. The difference between iDEAL and PayPal, or Skrill, is in the fact that iDEAL does not hold or keep any funds. It merely serves as a way for merchants to accept payments more easily, and for consumers, such as casino players, to shield their data from any sort of fraud.

Given the fact that all eight banks that run iDEAL are mainly focused on the domestic market, it makes sense that they don’t want to dilute their enviable position by spreading their resources over multiple new ventures. It’s a shame that you can only use EUR, GBP, and USD, but that’s all you need to play at one of the Dutch online casinos we recommended.

How to Set Up a iDEAL Account: Step by Step Guide

We have finally arrived at perhaps the best aspect of iDEAL – the fact that you don’t need to open an account. The service only does the processing part, but the transactions are ultimately greenlit by the financial institutions that you and the other party have accounts with.

  1. No account required

    As minute as this seems, not having an account is a great thing. You won’t have to remember another username and password, all while adding another layer of security. iDEAL implements state of the art security features, including 2FA (more on that later).

    No account required for iDeal
  2. Make sure you hold an account with participating banks

    iDEAL is an inter-bank system which means it works with a network of specific banking institutions. If you do not use the services of these banks, you will not be able to make use of iDEAL for your gambling activities. When the casino offers you iDEAL at the cashier, you will need to select it and then select your bank. The current list of associated banks includes ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, Handelsbanken, ING, knab, Moneyyou, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank, and Van Lanschot.

    iDEAL is not a method for the bankless. If you do not have an account with any of these banks, visit one of their branch offices to set up an account. It is very important that you enable e-banking, as well, so that you can receive your account number and unique ID code.

    iDEAL Usage: Participating Banks and Account Requirements
  3. Prepare bank account number and security ID

    The only credentials you’ll be using are your security ID and account number, which you already use for your e-banking purposes. The iDEAL online casino will redirect you to your bank’s login page where you will enter your account number and security ID. The transaction data will be shown for you to confirm. You will be offered the option to sign the transaction digitally using a 2FA token.

    This high degree of usability proves that iDEAL’s status in the Netherlands is no fluke. On the contrary, their focus on having a clean, accessible UI is a great precedent on the European fintech scene.

    Using Bank Account Number and Security ID with iDEAL
  4. Receive notification about the payment

    With iDEAL, there is an immediate notification about the success or failure of a payment. Most of the customer experience depends on the bank itself and how efficient its interface and system are. The greatest benefit the player gets is the low risk of fraud or unrecognised payments. The customer must authenticate the payment with their bank and from the confirmation page he or she will be redirected back to the merchant’s site (casino), where they can see their funds being uploaded in real time. The bank will directly deduct your money from your bank balance and transfer it to your desired casino account.

    Instant Payment Confirmation with iDEAL

Available Currencies

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British pound icon


US Dollar icon


Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawal icon

Making a deposit at casinos that accept iDEAL is one of the smoothest processes you’ll ever experience. We’re saying this without exaggeration, it’s incredibly easy to fund your account. See for yourself since all you have to do to make a casino deposit iDEAL is:

  1. Go to the Cashier section at your online casino.
  2. Select iDEAL as the deposit method.
  3. You’ll be redirected to your eBanking site. Log in with your credentials and confirm the login with 2FA.
  4. Fill out the deposit form, select the amount, and click ‘Send.’ In a minute or so, you’ll see a change in your online casino balance.
  5. See? It’s very easy and straightforward, without ever revealing any of your personal details to the casino.

As for withdrawals, iDEAL doesn’t offer this option. They’re an online processing platform, which means that they aren’t authorized to hold any money. Think of them as a medium. However, you’ll find that many of the best Dutch casinos we’ve recommended, including casinos accepting iDEAL deposits, support bank transfers, and eWallets. It’s a bit of a hassle, but nothing major.

Detailed Overview of Transaction Fees

Overview icon

iDEAL does not impose any fees on its consumers. When you’re funding your online casino account, it’s a free transfer. While this sounds strange, it’s actually the foundation of iDEAL’s business model.

Merchants, such as online casinos, agree to pay a percentage of every deposit they receive using iDEAL. Even though it’s somewhat burdensome, it pays off in the long run, simply because a large majority of Dutch citizens love using iDEAL for pretty much everything – from paying their bills to playing online slots.

Timeframes for iDEAL Payments at Online Casinos

Time icon

All deposits with iDEAL are instant, as the platform processes them in real-time. In some cases, you might encounter casino sites requesting document scans for your first deposit. This might result in a review period of 24-48 hours, but it won’t happen afterward. However, this is very rare as the best iDEAL casinos usually request account verification documents prior to your first withdrawal request.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Limits icon

Since 2019, a change in legislation resulted in many smaller casinos dropping iDEAL from their roster of payment methods. It became illegal for casinos to offer Dutch-only payment methods to Dutch citizens.

As strict as this measure sounds, it is almost never enforced. Bigger casino sites can afford the existing risks, and can decide the deposit limits themselves. The limit varies from casino to casino, but the bottom line is that you cannot deposit more than you have on your account. It’s a debit system.

LV BET Casino, for example, supports iDEAL deposits starting at €10 and going up to €5,000 per transaction, and that is the most common deposit range we have encountered.

Best iDEAL Casino Bonus

Casinos that offer iDEAL deposits are more than aware of the platform’s popularity and are more than willing to offer lucrative bonuses. Since there are a plethora of bonuses to choose from, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to see which ones are worth your time. We didn’t focus solely on the big letters, as we also analyzed the terms and conditions of each bonus. The ones you’ll see below are fair and will positively influence your gaming sessions. Make your pick from the bonuses available on the best iDEAL casino sites and good luck.


Welcome Package

35x (D)






Free Spins

Not needed

40x B


4.2 mBTC

No maximum



Welcome Package

30x (B)






Welcome Package

20x (B + D)






Welcome Package


40x (B + D)






Welcome Package

40x (B + FS Wins)







Not needed




No maximum




Not needed



No maximum



Banking security icon

iDEAL is based on the notion on securing people’s personal information. Since the platform takes on the processing part of your transfer, the casino won’t know anything other than your name. This makes iDEAL a great prevention tool in case a site is hacked and transactions become publicly accessible all of a sudden.

The two-factor authentication (2FA) system works great, with either SMS codes or using your fingerprint/face to confirm payments on the mobile version of the site. All in all, iDEAL deposits are 100% safe.

Customer Support

Working Hours








Here’s where things get a little iffy. iDEAL is pretty archaic when it comes to providing support to their users. In their ‘Contact’ section, they explicitly say that they don’t have permission to hold money, and that all fraud claims should be submitted to one’s bank.

However, you can still file a report below. The FAQ section is relatively informative, but it’s impossible to ignore the somewhat convoluted language and design, as well as the lack of live chat support. Email suggestions can also be sent, with the response time being relatively fast during peak work hours. Overall, the correspondence could be better.

Player Experiences

By looking at player reviews on various sites, as well as independent bloggers’ accounts, it’s safe to assume that iDEAL does offer what it initially advertises. So far, we haven’t seen any claims of fraud, theft, or anything nefarious.

Of course, there was the occasional one-star review, but an analysis concluded that these reported delays were due to a casino’s policy, not iDEAL’s malfunction.

Additionally, we’ve seen people complain about the fact that you can’t ask for a refund of your deposit. At Casino Banking Methods, we always believe in respecting the players, but this isn’t a case of iDEAL shielding themselves from possible scandals.

The fact that they only process payments doesn’t make them responsible for any problems. Issues can be either due to the bank or the casino, and it makes sense to file complaints at these parties, not iDEAL.

Extra Features

Even though they’re still focused on the Dutch market, iDEAL has been testing several new features. The most notable one is iDEAL Inplannen, which allows consumers to schedule payments to specific companies. All payments are marked with ‘iDEAL Inplannen,’ making every transaction distinguishable from the rest of your payment history.

You can also do the reverse – request payment links from companies or other consumers. We loved the fact that you could specify the messaging service you wished to receive the link on.

There is also the option of scanning QR codes at sites or physical stores, using your smartphone. With apps for both iOS and Android, you can make payments with just a simple scan.

All in all, this is a nice set of features for a payment platform that is limited in terms of holding actual funds. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best payment methods at Dutch online casinos.

Mobile Capability

android ios

The apps for Android and iOS devices are basically scanners for merchants’ QR codes. Once the scanner recognizes the recipient of your iDEAL payment, it will redirect you to your bank account to confirm the payment with 2FA.

While this isn’t usable at casino sites, it’s a great addition for players who want to fully integrate iDEAL into their everyday lives. Both apps are simple, minimalistically designed, and convenient.

Interesting Facts

  • The banks behind iDEAL are: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, Handelsbanken, ING, knab, Moneyyou, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank, and Van Lanschot.

  • A 2014 survey reported that iDEAL was the processing platform behind 54% of all Dutch payments that year.

  • Currence, the parent company behind iDEAL, also owned Chipknip and PIN at one point.

  • iDEAL hit the two-billion payments threshold in November 2018.

  • Around 1.5 million iDEAL payments are processed every day.

  • The first billion iDEAL payments took nearly 11 years to complete. The second billion required less than 3 years.

  • Sometimes, one of the mentioned associated banks can be (partly) unavailable due to disruptions or planned maintenance. Both businesses and customers can track this information online or via automated push messages.

  • iDEAL ranked top 5 in the list of indispensable brands by EURIB (European Institute for Brand Management).


Yes, you don’t have to pay any fees to deposit money to your casino account.

No. iDEAL, when selected as a deposit option, will redirect you to your eBanking account and ask you to fill out a form. Once you’re done, you can click ‘Confirm’ and you’re done.

Currently, no. The service is run by Dutch companies that haven’t expressed interest in expanding abroad.

No. iDEAL can’t be used to withdraw money, as the company doesn’t hold any funds. Instead, you can use Skrill, PayPal, or your card.

iDEAL implements the best modern security measures, as well as only showing your name to online casinos. None of your other information will be visible, effectively shielding you from identity theft.

Yes. You will only have to wait less than 30 seconds before you start playing. Unless the casino doesn’t request a document scan on your first deposit, you’re good to go right off the bat.

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