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Last updated: 14 June 2023

Instant Payments by Citadel (or Instant Banking by Citadel) is an online payment option that allows casino customers to use their own internet banking services to transfer funds securely, without the need to create an account, and much faster than with regular bank transfer. There are similar financial intermediation solutions out there, but CBM won’t leave any options uncovered. Instant banking by Citadel is becoming more present in casinos online as one of the internet banking alternatives for players who already have active bank accounts and want to put them to good use. Follow us on a journey across the mystery that is Instant Payments by Citadel and find out how to use it to play casino games or bet on your favourite sports. You will find out which are the best Instant Payments by Citadel casinos where you can use this method and all the other interesting and useful details about it.

Top Casinos That Accept Instant Payments by Citadel Payments

You would like to make instant online banking payments with Citadel, but you don’t know which online casinos are the most recommendable? Well, it was a smart move to come to the website. Have a look at the suggestions on our Instant Payments by Citadel casino list below and you will surely find a site that calls upon you to fire up Citadel and start depositing.

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Company Background

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Citadel Commerce (acquired in 2014 by Paramount Commerce) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESI Entertainment Systems Inc (CNSX:ESY). The company has a bit over 100 employees and holds offices in three locations: London (headquarters), Vancouver and Malta. Citadel Instant Payments was launched in January of 2000. Since then, the service grew into a trusted and reliable payment provider in e-commerce, especially among online casino users. The platform provides quicker payment processing than a direct bank transfer and doesn’t complicate things unnecessarily.

What Citadel does is take on the role of an intermediary, working as a direct link between your bank account and the casino. It avoids the use of credit cards and provides safe and fast transactions from one account to another. The fact that players do not have to establish any secondary accounts to move their money, but use their existing bank accounts, is what makes Instant Payments by Citadel superior to e-wallets.

Citadel Updates

  • September 2022: Citadel’s Ken Griffin Relocated His Financial Empire to Miami.
  • March 2023: Provenance Blockchain Collaborates with Super App to Elevate DeFi Experience.

Target Markets

Target icon

Citadel doesn’t have a fully global reach, but it does cover several major regions, including Europe, Australia and the USA. The service is arguably the most popular among Canadian users, and some of the cooperating Canadian banks include Bank of Montreal, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust. In total, there are over 300 participating institutions across 17 supported countries.

At this point, Citadel instant banking can be used for online payments in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK and the USA. Online casinos in these countries will often introduce Citadel as one of the available options, but in countries with a sensitive online gambling status such as the United States, it would be naïve to expect banks to feel comfortable to allow online casino transactions via Citadel.

How to Set Up an Instant Payments by Citadel Account: Step by Step Guide

There’s no such thing as a special Citadel Instant Payments account. That, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to meet certain requirements to be able to use the service. You need to hold a bank account that supports Citadel as a payment solution.

  1. Make sure that you are a client of one of the participating banks

    You can straightaway use this service as long as you maintain an active bank account accepted by Citadel. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Citadel instant payment system cooperates with over 300 banks in 17 countries. If you are a resident in one of the accepting countries, it is highly likely that all major national banks offer the facility of paying through Instant Payments by Citadel. This is mandatory for using the service and pretty much the only requirement that you need to meet.

    Participating Bank Requirement: Access to Citadel Instant Payment
  2. No account setup process

    Using Citadel-powered online banking does not obligate you to create any type of account anywhere. The system relays between your existing bank account and the casino. It works as easy as making other sorts of e-commerce payments (paying your household bills, for example).

    No Account Setup Required for Instant Payments by Citadel: Seamless Transaction Process
  3. Pick a casino that accepts this method and visit the Cashier

    After making sure that your bank is linked with Citadel, you can go on to choose a trusted casino that accepts Instant Payment by Citadel. Register and then go to the cashier. Select Instant Payment by Citadel as your method of depositing and select your bank from the dropdown menu.

    Choosing a Casino and Making a Deposit with Citadel Instant Payment
  4. Instant Payments by Citadel will take you to your bank website

    Citadel will not keep you waiting – it will immediately redirect you to the online bank account login page, where you will log in as usual and be prompted to confirm the payment you intend to make.

    Citadel Instant Payment: Quick Bank Redirect for Confirmation
  5. Alternative gateways to using Instant Payments by Citadel

    Instant Payments by Citadel is an easy-to-use and automated method that relies on technology that is tightly integrated into the merchant’s site. Users, however, have a total of three options if they want to use it for online casino transactions.

    One option is to download a small application to one’s PC called Payment Assistant; the second option is to make use of the WebPA that automates the payment without downloading any additional software; the third option is to use the Rapid System. Opting for this alternative you’ll receive a reference number which you can then use at your bank’s website to make a transfer possible.

    Alternative Methods for Using Citadel Instant Payments
  6. Authorise the transaction and you’re done

    Approve the payment from within your online banking environment and the casino will receive instant notification of your successful payment.

    Authorize the Transaction and Complete the Process

Available Currencies

Australian Dollar icon


Canadian dollar icon


Czech koruna icon


Danish krone icon


Euro icon


British pound icon


Swedish krona icon


US Dollar icon


Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawal icon

Online casino deposits powered by the Citadel online banking solution are just as quick as deposits made via e-wallets. The difference is that you don’t need to remember your login credentials, as you will be using your existing bank account user ID and password. A casino deposit Instant Payments by Citadel will be processed right away and the money should be credited to your gambling balance almost instantly.

Withdrawals through this method are possible and a range of Instant Payments by Citadel online casinos approves them. Some won’t. The process is basically the same as with depositing, provided that the casino allows it. Not all casinos offer it, so you have to check that before paying a visit to the cashier to pull your winnings.

Detailed Overview of Transaction Fees

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Instant Payments by Citadel is a banking solution that is known to be cost-effective. In fact, many online casino players choose is precisely for the lenient fee policy. Citadel will not charge you anything for using its tools to speed up your electronic bank transfer process. Most casinos with Instant Payments by Citadel will not charge commissions for deposits either, but withdrawals may be subject to certain fees, as certain casino websites.

Transactions will be carried out in local currencies – in other words, the currency in which you hold funds in your bank account will be the currency of the transfer, meaning there will be no exchange fees applied. On the other hand, banks might charge a specific fee for online casino players using their Internet banking interface when processing money transactions with Citadel.

Timeframes for Citadel Transactions at Online Casinos

Time icon

As soon as the player confirms the payment with the bank, the Instant Payments by Citadel online casino will receive a notification and the money will be credited to the player’s balance. The deposit process is nearly instant, it often takes minutes. At 888 Casino, for example, the time frame is up to 15 minutes tops for payment made with Instant Banking by Citadel.

When you withdraw money from your casino balance using Citadel online banking, the funds will be credited to your bank account within 1-3 working days. This will depend on your bank and how long they typically take to process online money transfers.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Limits icon

According to the info given by Citadel, users are given a certain limit the first time they submit payment. The limit will depend on which bank is used and to which merchant the funds are transferred. With that in mind, note that if you use more than one bank to make payments, your limits may be different depending on the bank.

Updated limits will be displayed at the end of each payment. The more you use the service, the higher your limit will go. Casinos accepting Instant Payments by Citadel deposits themselves may impose their limits, as well. For instance, if you want to make a deposit at 888 Casino using Instant Payments by Citadel, you have to select a sum of at least £15 ($20).

Best Instant Payments by Citadel Casino Bonus

When we were doing our research on casinos that accept Instant Payments by Citadel we did not come across any specific promotions created specifically for this payment method and its users. On the flip side, we also did not find any online casinos restricting their members from using any bonuses if their preferred casino payment method is Instant Payments by Citadel. Below you will find a handpicked selection of the best Instant Payments by Citadel casino sites and bonuses they offer. Welcome bonus deals are the most popular, but there are also ongoing propositions worth checking out.



Not needed



No maximum


Masked Singer


Free Spins

Not needed

60x (Free Spins winnings)






Welcome Package

35x (D+ B)






Free Spins

No Wagering

Welcome Package




No maximum


888 Casino


Not needed

30x B






Welcome Package

40x (B)




Zebra Wins

Free Spins

Not needed




No maximum



Welcome Package


40x (B+D)





Banking security icon

Keeping customers safe is mandatory for services such as Instant Payments by Citadel. The system adheres to the same authentication and privacy protection standards as the supported banks. Instant Payments will never store consumer banking credentials and will always apply stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.

Sensitive data is protected from fraud with encryption. The bank will also make sure to have customers answer multi-factor authentication questions to verify ownership of the bank account that is used for the transfer.

Customer Support

Working Hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00 PST

Weekend: Closed



If you have questions regarding a payment made with Instant Payments by Citadel, the company advises that you contact the merchant before anything else. So, you should contact the online casino customer support team to see if there aren’t any problems on their end. In the case that you are still experiencing any difficulties and you want to report them to Citadel directly, you can send them an email at

The company team of representatives has office times that run Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5pm, PST. Telephone lines are also provided for the European head office and the branch office in Canada.

Player Experiences

There is no record of any unsolved disputes between the service offered by Citadel instant banking and online casino players, and we’ve dug deep. Judging by the experiences shared online, the platform works like a charm. Here are some impressions and feedback shared by members on

  • “A very straightforward process! Enter my amount for a deposit, select a bank, click all boxes including a $1 fee then enter bank login and voila! All set to spend on my heart’s desire! You need online banking for this to work but other than that, one of the fastest deposit methods!”
  • “One of the advantages of using this method is anonymity, you can fund your account without revealing your financial details, and any sensitive data you do disclose will be fully protected.”

Extra Features

The focus for Citadel Commerce is now solely on Instant Payments. There was a time when the online payment processing service offered a portfolio of products including Citadel Direct, Citadel Remittance and MyCitadel e-wallet. The company no longer accepts new consumer wallet subscriptions.

The Citadel Direct model is the most similar to the Instant Payments option we have today, which, of course, is more sophisticated and easier to integrate for new merchants. The company highlights the possibility of reaching millions of customers with a single integration, as opposed to supporting multiple local payment options.

Mobile Capability

android ios

There is nothing stopping you from using Instant Payments by Citadel on your mobile device. The system does not need a special mobile application to function, but you need to make sure that your bank authorisations and setup allow for mobile access to your bank account.

The fact that there is no need to download and install any applications on your smartphone or tablet in order to use the Citadel instant payment service on the go arguably increases the convenience of using it. The storage space on your phone is saved and you still have instant access to your cash.

Interesting Facts

  • You can view your Citadel transaction history by logging in to your bank account or checking your bank statement. All Instant Payments transactions will appear as fund transfers to Citadel Commerce.

  • Some of the banks that work with Citadel include Bank of Montreal, CIBC, HSBC, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Lithuania etc.

  • Citadel Commerce purchased 30 limited edition baseballs signed by Pete Rose with the statement “I’m sorry I bet on baseball” from Robert Edward Auctions in New Jersey. Pete Rose is baseball’s “Hit King,” the Major Leagues’ all-time leader in career hits. However, Major League Baseball’s investigations into Rose’s gambling led to his lifetime banishment from the game, which, in turn, has barred him from otherwise certain induction into the Hall of Fame. In 2004, the year that Rose admitted to betting on baseball, it is reported that he signed 303 baseballs with the “I’m sorry I bet on baseball” message. Rose then gave away the baseballs to his closet friends.

  • In most of the cases, you don’t have to download or install any application to use Instant Payments by Citadel. However, the web-platform is not supported by a few banking institutions, and they might require you to download and install an app called “Payment Assistant PC Wizard” to complete online transactions.

  • Instant Payments by Citadel doesn’t have its own apps and software that you need to get used to. It allows you to use your bank’s e-banking or m-banking solutions that you are already familiar with.

  • Note that it is possible to use any bank account in your name to deposit with Citadel, but you cannot divide the payment between several bank accounts. The entire deposited sum should be deducted from one and the same account.


Yes, technically you can. However, multiple casino sites will only support the possibility of depositing with Citadel, while prompting users to select an alternative method for withdrawals.

Some fees may be applicable, but they are not charged by Citadel. It is the casinos and/or banks that may subject the transactions to certain charges.

Security and risk management are a priority for Citadel. No banking related details of the customer are stored by the system and any communication goes under encryption. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering used by all the reputed banks to avoid identity theft are also in place.

Instant Payments by Citadel is available in 17 countries at the moment, mostly European countries, but it also caters to US residents. The list of countries includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

When supported by the casino, Instant Payments by Citadel withdrawals may take from 1 up to 3 banking days. The duration of the process depends on the casino’s pending period (if there is any), as well as the transaction processing times of the player’s banking institution.

Citadel Commerce UK Limited is registered under the UK-based Payment Institution and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority pertaining to the current Payment Service Regulations. It is also a member of the UK Electronic Money Association.

The same way you deposited. Go to the cashier, select Instant Payments by Citadel and follow the instructions given on the screen. Before you can initiate a withdrawal with Citadel, make sure that the casino will permit it. It is possible that you may need to use a different banking option to cash out.

There aren’t any. Instant Payments by Citadel transactions are conducted in the local currency of the player’s bank account funds.

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