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Last updated: 1 March 2024

Noda is a new payment method that you can find in online casinos out there. It enables an ultimate new way for casino players to accept and make payments online, and receive direct bank payments instantly via the Noda Pay smart button. The majority of EU and UK banks are connected, including new financial markets such as Canada, Australia, and Brazil. There are a ton of features, so keep reading and find out why Noda is a new payment revolution in the gaming world. 

Best Noda Casinos in 2024 – Our Recommendations

The best online casinos that provide Noda payments are listed below, carefully chosen and analyzed before listing. Safe, fast, and secure transactions for every player were a priority for selecting the best Noda casinos where you can try your luck in different casino games. Make sure to choose the best Noda online casino for you and make a deposit to instantly start playing any casino game you want. Note that some online casinos will offer sports betting opportunities, so don’t hesitate to create a bet slip that will change your life forever. More and more online casinos are popping up during this period, so transferring your money via Noda is the smoothest way for online payment processing worldwide. 

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Company Background

Book icon

Noda, or Nauda Limited, is an online payments company officially registered in London, United Kingdom with offices on 1 Canada Square – Canary Wharf. As an authorized payment provider, it is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Services Directive. All legal information is listed at the bottom of the official website, so you can check it up anytime. On the homepage, you can access all the banking features with one click and it is so easy to navigate even for the non-tech-savvy people.

The main motto of the company is that Noda grows with your business, bringing less time-consuming payment gateways around the world. In April 2021, the first beta version was launched live of the first open banking payment and officially started the company launching. In the same year, mass distribution was started for all customers and casino players around the world where most of the European and UK banks were connected with Noda for online payments, including B2C payments. After that, Noda established companies in Canada, Australia, and Brazil, managing significant growth in the fintech industry.

Igor Loktev is the CEO and Co-Founder of Noda, bringing over 20 years of experience in IT and finance to the company. With an MSc in Computing Science, an Executive MBA, and ongoing PhD studies in Quantum Computing, he excels in product engineering, data analysis, and systems optimization. Igor is committed to driving Noda payments growth and innovation in the fintech sector. Thanks to his eagerness to succeed and great work with the team, Noda is now available in 27 countries, having over 1600 banks with 30,000 branches and 10 integrated networks.

Since its launching, Noda released hundreds of features and improvements every year to help all players stay ahead with the fintech opportunities. On the website, you can find a lot of financial products and features, including open banking and card payments, bank and card payouts, checkout form, sign-in via bank, different Noda plugins for websites, a demo mode for open-banking, virtual IBANs and so on. For those who have less experience with payments and finances, there is a separate Glossary page where you can learn all the fintech terms and get the most out of it.

Noda Latest Updates

  • February 2024: Noda enters the Baltic gaming sector thanks to the partnership with Wargaming. It is now a trusted payment method in the Baltic states, including Lithuania, leveraging open banking technology for the players to make real-time payments directly from their bank accounts.
  • December 2023: New services launched for the customers, including AI-generated payment links, analytics, and AIS Data Services.
  • May 2023: Noda establishes new companies in Canada, Australia, and Brazil, enriching the fintech market. It is an international online payment service where people can make payments around the world.
  • March 2023: Introducing a revolutionary Financial AI Toolset. This AI-based system of financial tools has predictive algorithms, clusterization, and data security, providing enhanced banking standards and legitimacy for every kind of transaction.

Where Noda Operates?

Target icon

Looking at the official website and its milestones, Noda is registered in the United Kingdom which is the home base and starting point of its operation. The majority of UK banks are connected with these services, representing the primary geolocation. Apart from the UK, Noda also provides modern online banking services across Europe in collaboration with the biggest EU banks in different countries. 

Tornadobet is Our #1 Recommended Noda Casino

After significant growth and partnership with different companies, Noda entered Central Europe and Baltic countries, including Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, etc. working with travel network companies and global gaming companies. Also, it’s worth mentioning the new offices in Australia, Brazil, and Canada, which is another important milestone for reaching new heights and global markets in the fintech industry for all people around the world.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with Noda at Online Casinos?

Withdrawal icon

Depositing and withdrawing money at your chosen Noda online casino is a pretty easy process and it is nearly the same as many other payment methods that you have used. Generally speaking, you can credit your account or cash out your lucky funds in a couple of steps depending on your chosen casino. So, let’s see how to use Noda to make transactions on your casino account: 

  1. Open your chosen online casino and log into your account. If you don’t have an account, please register for one.
  2. Go to your profile or dashboard, open the “Deposit” page, or click the “Cashier” section.
  3. Choose the amount you want to deposit amounts or type custom in the required field. Keep in mind that the deposited amount should meet the required minimum according to the casino. 
  4. Choose bank transfer as your deposit method and log into your e-banking account.
  5. From here, choose the Noda as a payment method and proceed with the banking process.
  6. In the end, enter your details from the Noda account and confirm the transaction.

That’s it! Now, you are all set to credit your casino account and dive into a huge selection of casino games. Noda is here to cover your back with fast and safe transactions, so you will wait no longer than a couple of seconds to start playing. 

But, what can you do with the lucky winnings, and how to sweeten your account with them? Well, the answer is easy – Noda bank transfers, again! To make Noda withdrawals at your chosen online casino, you should pass a couple of steps. Make sure your account is verified, because no matter the payment method you use, you have to verify your profile to get access to money transfers. Here is the process of withdrawing money with Noda:

  1. Log in to your casino account and navigate to the withdrawal page.
  2. From the withdrawing methods, select Noda as a withdrawal method.
  3. Type in the amount you want to cash out, but make sure to meet the required minimum according to your chosen casino.
  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm the transactions to receive the money.

The Noda payment method works both for sending and receiving payments, allowing you to make transactions in online casinos that accept it. Before you cash out, make sure to check the withdrawal page and terms and conditions in your online casino to prevent some tricky scenarios and double-check the situation.

How to Set Up a Noda Account: Step by Step Guide

To create a Noda account and use it as a payment service, you have to access the website, create an account, and wait for the background team to accept your request to become a user. Keep in mind that Noda is available in 27 countries and collaborates with over 1600 banks, so make sure you are a citizen of the countries that are on the list. Here is an explanation of how to set up a Noda account firsthand:

  1. Open a bank account in a bank connected with Noda

    To use Noda or other online payment methods, you have to own a bank account in a bank that is actually connected with Noda. For more precise information before taking any steps, you can contact the client support or sales team to learn more about your current bank account and the necessity of opening a new one.

    Open a bank account in a bank connected with Noda
  2. Open the official Noda website and start the registration process

    If you are all set with your bank account and it accepts Noda payments, let’s start with your Noda account. Navigate to the official website and click on “Start using Noda” anywhere on the website. There are a lot of buttons with this Call-to-Action, so choose one to open the registration form.

    Open the official Noda website and start the registration process
  3. Fill up the registration form

    Next, you can start by filling in the required fields in the registration form. Read carefully and enter your details, contact info, and business info (if any), choose your payment volume, and select the preferred Noda services (ex. Open banking, card processing, pay by link). After that explain the reason why you want to open a payment account and you are all set. 

    Fill up the registration form
  4. Submit your registration and finish the process

    After submitting your registration form with all the required details, you should wait for the confirmation of the sales team to approve your account. There is not a classic sign-up process where you can sign up for a new account and start using it immediately – you should wait for the approval and have a decent reason for opening a Noda account.

    In most cases, the bank will automatically add the Noda functionality to the account you selected to use and announce the changes. If your Noda is activated, you will probably get an email notification or a phone call from the sales agents. 

    Submit your registration and finish the process

Available Currencies

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Canadian dollar icon


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Fees, Timeframes, and Limits at Noda Casinos

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As with any other online banking method, Noda also has specific fees, transactional limits, and timeframes that are included in your payments. Most of the time, these elements can vary depending on your chosen online casino, but some of them are fixed no matter what type of transactions you are going to make. Let’s see some details below and skip the headaches instantly:


Noda is an open-banking payment service that charges a symbolic fee for making transactions, but not always and not for everything. For example, looking at the pricing page on the website, Noda charges a commission fee of 0,01% in total. On the other hand, there are no commission fees for chargeback and chargeback protection, which are totally free things that you will get as an online casino player.

This is everything regarding the fees applied, which means that creating an account is free and there are not any tricky maintenance fees or currency exchange. Only currencies from the countries listed are accepted, so don’t forget to check this info before making a transaction.


As a modern worldwide online banking method, Noda is a fast and safe service for instant transactions on different occasions. Feel free to use it for making deposits because you will wait no longer than a minute to credit your casino account and start a new gambling adventure. 

The situation is nearly the same with the withdrawals too, because you can cash out your lucky winnings instantly without any barriers. Most of the time, the withdrawals take time to process and it may vary depending on the online casino. There is no boring weekend or holiday holdback, which means that the transaction process is smooth and easy.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Noda does not apply any limits when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money from a specific online casino. Most of the time, these limits are set by the casinos themselves, and the players are required to meet the minimum or maximum limit to transfer their funds. In most cases, the minimum deposit amount required to start playing or claim some bonuses is between €10 to €20, while the payouts go between €2000 to €10,000+.

Best Noda Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses and promotions are the most attractive part of any online casino out there, so Noda casinos are the main part of it too. You probably saw that Noda’s headquarters is in London, UK, so the UK-licensed online casinos are the first frontiers for offering different types of bonuses that will skyrocket your winning chances on the go.

For example, take a look at Noda online casino welcome bonuses if you are just starting with online gambling. Also, take a look at some reload bonuses, free spins, and cashback offers that are here to increase your winning chances and earn more cash. Check out our list of the best bonuses and choose your preferred one with one click.


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Welcome Package


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Welcome Package

35x (D)





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Welcome Package

40x (B)





Security & Support

Banking security icon

Fast, safe, efficient, and secure transactions with the most trusted banks in the UK and Europe are the first facts that you should consider about the Noda payment method. Customer support is always awake 24/7 to resolve any kind of problem or misunderstanding that you may have. To not keep you waiting, let’s see some details when it comes to the overall security and support at Noda: 


This online banking provider works under a strict license and regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so all players should feel safe to leave their personal and financial information with peace of mind. Noda also provides an efficient transaction management system as one of the greatest key features among the others. Its effortless connectivity with leading banks across the whole of Europe and the United Kingdom within the ecosystem is another strong proof of the platform’s legitimacy, security, and trustworthiness available for every customer onboard.

Casino1337 is One of the Safest Noda Casinos

If you want to read all terms and conditions, privacy policies, cookies policies, etc, just scroll down to the bottom of the official website and find out everything you need.

Customer Support

The communication process with the Noda support team is pretty straightforward and you can use different channels for it. First, check the live chat feature in the bottom right corner and initiate a real-time conversation with the support agents, available 24/7 for everything related to the platform.

Apart from the live chat feature, you can check the “Contact Us” section from the footer menu and find a couple of quick links for email communication with the PR team, Marketing team, Customer Support, HR team, and Partnerships team. Also, click the “Contact sales” button to get in touch with the sales agents and talk about the pricing models of Noda.  

Mobile Capability and Extra Features

Mobile Capability icon

Noda is perfect for mobile devices, which means that you can access the full features on both iOS and Android devices. You can make payments using your smartphone from wherever you want, as well as access all the other options for analytics, the Noda Hub, and similar. The process of mobile use is really simple and the overall user experience is enjoyable thanks to the design for easy navigation. 

Player Experiences at Noda Gambling Sites

Player Ratings icon

Looking at the customer reviews and player experiences when it comes to Noda for online casinos, things are shining and a high percentage of the customers are amazed by the idea of using open-banking payment methods for online gambling. On the homepage, you can find a lot of customer reviews and shared experiences of using Noda for different kinds of payments. The customers are CEOs, managers, engineers, and people who use it on a daily basis to have fun with online gambling.

The Trustpilot profile of Noda is full of positive customer experiences and most of them are related to receiving funds, the overall process, fees, subscription plans, etc. There are players who face some barriers regarding the processing time, but as we stated above, sometimes the processing time is up to the casino and nothing can influence it outside of the platform.

At this moment, Noda is available in 27 countries and over 1600 banks are included, so there are hundreds of thousands of users who are happy to facilitate effortless transactions with peace of mind. In comparison with other payment methods for online casinos, Noda stands as a perfect example of a fast, safe, and efficient banking option to sweeten your bankroll with a couple of clicks. 

Our Summary of Noda Payments

Summary icon

You will definitely like Noda for all payments that you plan in the future because it is easy to set up, secure, efficient, and provides direct bank transfers completely online. There are amazing features that come along, including personal manager, card and bank payouts, virtual IBANs, easy integration with API, etc. The API key management is available within the Noda Hub so it is quick and simple to set up. If things go wrong and you want a refund, there is a streamlined processing of refund payments without any fee.  

Noda also provides multiple roles, including support for a variety of user roles in the Noda Hub. There is an option to create C2B accounts which is available for those who have online businesses, not just for the online casino players. Read carefully the advanced security blacklist of global and local security features and never face any problems regarding your data and credit card info. 

All in all, feel free to choose the best Noda online casinos out there and compete for huge cash prizes like nowhere else. Don’t hesitate to make deposits and grab catchy casino bonuses that will bring you a fortune in the form of cash prizes, free spins, deposit bonuses, etc.

Interesting Facts

  • There are over 30,000 branches of all connected banks with Noda.

  • As a Noda customer, you can use 10 integrated networks.

  • Noda is among the first open-banking methods in the world.

  • You can integrate it on your website or app using the easy API key management.

  • It’s free for the first 3 months for SMBs.

  • Noda Hub is a forum and community of Noda customers who share their experiences.

  • There are open banking plugins that enable payments on WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.

  • Noda publishes its updates and partnerships on its LinkedIn profile.

  • In the leadership section of the website, find out more about the team members.

Noda Casinos FAQs

Noda enables an ultimate new way for the players to accept payments online, and receive direct bank payments instantly via the Noda Pay smart button. It also provides an opportunity to offer an intuitive payment UX for lower fees.

Noda means stain, blot, or spot.

The withdrawal limit depends on the online casino and the payment methods are not included in their limitations and politics of work. All payments made via Noda are instant and will be processed in a couple of seconds.

Yes, Noda is an open-banking payment method available in 27 countries around the world. Feel free to use it for different purposes and make direct bank transfers on the go.

You have to own a bank account in a bank that accepts Noda payments to make transactions. Most banks around Europe and the UK are included, so feel free to choose the best one for you and enjoy it like never before.

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